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We still in Lockdown 3 but hope is here and we are fully open and operating normal business hours, so if you have any type of asbestos from asbestos artex ceiling, asbestos garage roofs, asbestos floors, even asbestos surveys in the Croydon, or South London area contact us today
contact us today...

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It's February and it's almost Valentines Day and we still in Lockdown 3, we happy to say is we still open for all asbestos removals and disposals in the Croydon Borough area and South London areas, so if you have any type of asbestos, whether it's asbestos artex, asbestos guttering pipe, asbestos...

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We still open for most asbestos garage roof removal jobs in the Croydon area, so whether it's asbestos garage roof removal or a full asbestos garage that needs removing and demolishing in Crystal Palace, Forestdale, Hamsey Green or somewhere in Croydon or South London contact us today:

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Happy new year here comes 2021, obviously we in tier 4, but we are lucky we in a industry that can still operate even during these times for now, so if you have any asbestos that needs removing in the North Croydon, South Croydon or South London area, contact us today on 02080889849 or you can f...

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Have you project, tender or renovation that requires asbestos floor removal company in Beddington, Broad Green, Coombe or somewhere in the Croydon & South London area; and you are looking online for a fully licensed asbestos removal company, whether it's asbestos tiles floors on asbestos vinyl ...

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Got a asbestos artex ceiling or artex that needs removing in asap by a fully License asbestos removal company in Crystal Palace, Forestdale, Hamsey Green or somewhere in the Croydon London area?
then contact us today on 02080889849
if you can't call fill out out our asbestos removal enquiry form ...

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2 years ago
Croydon asbestos removal London did a great job removing our asbestos garage fully and disposing of it they were fast to respond and got the removal done hassle free.
- Micky D
2 years ago
Did a excellent job on some license asbestos and ceilings that needed removing, the builders and electricians were happy to continue work after removal Thanks again asbestos croydon
- Sam L
2 years ago
Excellent service! John and his team at asbestos removal in london uk did a great job removing 2 of our asbestos garage roofs properties in Croydon with short notice, john and his crew went above and beyond what i expected to get the job done to deadline the builders could do there jobs. Highly recomended.
- Matt N

Asbestos Removal Croydon London Company

Asbestos Removal London Croydon Company Does All Asbestos Removal in Croydon Area and London we do all removal of asbestos for commercial and residential, whether it's a small asbestos garage roof removal or a asbestos artex ceiling removal to a commercial license unit asbestos removal we can do the job with over 15 years experience in the removal of asbestos and all our men fully qualified and insured we are reliable and trustworthy check our testimonies.

Asbestos is a dangerous substance that can cause a variety of health problems. There are no safe amounts, types, or exposure durations when dealing with asbestos. If you have been exposed even once, you are at risk for irreversible health problems such as mesothelioma, scar tissue buildup in the lungs, loss of lung function, and lung cancer. 

Therefore, you need a professional team like ours to completely remove the asbestos from your home or business. If you live or work in the London Croydon area, don’t hesitate to contact us for advice, inspection, or for fast, effective asbestos removal service. While our teams work, they place the highest emphasis on safe removal of asbestos to eliminate the risk of exposure for you, your family, or your customers while the work is being done and in the future. 

Our attention to detail is second-to-none because our clients’ health and well-being is worth far more than the cost of our services! We have done work for customers in both the public and private sectors, so we can manage any situation that you present us with. Our specialised asbestos removal services are customised for each client. We have performed asbestos removal for businesses that must stay open during the service, and we have helped restore unoccupied buildings that will be used as liveable spaces again. No two jobs are the same, and our team never treats them that way. 

Choose Us for Your Asbestos Removal Services! 

There are plenty of reasons to choose London Croydon favourite and most reliable asbestos removal company. Here are a few: ·         

A Qualified Staff We only employ trained, licensed individuals on our Asbestos Removal Croydon teams. Many come to us with years of experience while others gain that valuable experience working alongside our veteran team. We make sure that each employee maintains proper licensing, certification ( asbestos awareness UKATA approved ), and continued training in asbestos removal so that they, as well as our valued customers, are protected.        

Emergency Services Even if you have had an inspection, it’ possible that a small amount of asbestos may still remain in your home or office building. 

When asbestos is discovered, it needs to be removed as quickly as possible to reduce the exposure risk of everyone involved. Our team can respond faster than anyone else to remove any amount of the harmful substance quickly. ·         

No Cost Quote To provide our customers with the best information for an informed decision, we provide no obligation quotes. We’ll assess the situation and provide you with our best advice. What you do with it is up to you! ·         

Latest equipment We use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest methods to remove every fiber of asbestos from your walls, ceilings, and surrounding your pipes. Previous methods haven’t given us the same certainty, but as newer technologies have emerged, we have followed these trends for the maximum benefit of our clients. The Health and Safety Executive requires proper licensing for companies to legally work with asbestos. 

We abide by the HSE approved codes of practice and guidance, and these are principles that we take very seriously. We perform our own internal auditing on our asbestos removal procedures in addition to the external inspections we receive from the governing bodies. 

Our 3-Step Strategy Our asbestos removal services involve three distinct stages. You can depend on us for one or all of these crucial steps in effective, reliable asbestos removal. 

Step 1: Identify We know where to look for asbestos, and we’re highly skilled in the complete removal of all types of asbestos. In some cases, we need to sample the asbestos to see which type we are working with in order to know the safest way to remove it. 

Step 2: Expert Opinion Our advice is professional and honest. We can ensure that you have the best information after your inspection. The information we provide will offer an effective, no obligation solution for your asbestos removal. 

Step 3: Removal  Finally, we can provide proper disposal of asbestos after removal. We can get rid of small or large amounts of the dangerous substance safely. This includes encapsulation of the fibers and decontamination of the entire area.   

Because we want to give our customers complete asbestos removal for a job that they can trust was done right, we perform each of these services at a higher level than any other asbestos removal company in Croydon London area or anywhere else. 

Whether you choose us from the very beginning for the initial inspection or if you already know asbestos is present, we can help you at any point of this complex removal process, even if it just means a quick word of advice just call us and ask for John or one of our asbestos experts!
Our Service We provide everything that our customers need to completely remove asbestos from their home or business. These services are comprehensive and will carry you through from the first stages of service until every fiber has been removed from your insulated areas. Our services include all of the following: ·         

Sampling and analysis 
Depending on the type of asbestos that is present, our teams will approach it in a specific way in order to ensure that every bit is removed safely and completely.   

Asbestos removal and remediation 
We can remove the problematic asbestos once and for all. Our teams search every possible area for harmful asbestos, and then we completely eradicate it. 
We can also give recommendations for safer and more effective types of insulations. 

Waste collection and proper disposal Whether we use encapsulation or some other removal process, we’ll make sure that the waste is disposed of correctly. We have procedures and facilities that offer the safest option for our teams and property owners as well. 

Compliance management 
One of the best ways we serve our customers is with future compliance management. Once the asbestos has been removed, we can continue to follow up with a certificate or receipt of where the waste was dispose of and continue the services to ensure everything is up to standard during the service and for years to come. 

Asbestos removal is a tricky and difficult service and should only be done by a certified, licensed, and insured company. Call us today if you have a home or business in Croydon London England and need reliable, complete asbestos removal Get a Free Consult and Quote Today 

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